Wandering around the Wolverhampton web

As a new blogger I have been looking around to see who else is blogging in Wolverhampton.  There’s some brilliant examples, here’s a couple of very local sites.

Wednesfield has its own local blog wv11, I am very tempted by the cake fest (but I should point out that we’ve got the best chocolate cake in Wolverhampton, at the Art Gallery and Bantock House – all baked in Tettenhall!).  This site also appears on the yam yam.

Speaking of Tettenhall nice blog too, including some information on the heritage of the village.  Glad to see that they have made use of images from the Black Country history website, check it out for images of places near you.

Are there any more local blogs that I am missing?  Let me know. 

Update:  Steph has just told me there is a Sedgely blog, I’ve found it, it’s called Sedgeleyscene.

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3 Responses to Wandering around the Wolverhampton web

  1. Steph says:

    Thanks for the mention of Wv11. I’m sure St Thomas’ will also be pleased you’ve highlighted their fund raising Cake Fest although I’ll judge fire myself who has the best chocolate cake by sampling them all 😉

    You’ve already mentioned Tettenhall but have you found Sedgley Scene? The URL alludes me at present (I’m on my phone) but it’s a hyperlocal site that covers the area that straddles with Wolverhampton/Dudley border?

  2. Colin says:

    Glad you like Tettenhall too. As usual I am not as swift as Steph in responding, but we get there in the end! If you have any relevant info you need us to blog on the Tettenhall site, let me know. Good luck. CC

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